Teflex technology is being introduced not only in the Russian Federation, but throughout the world.
International experience
We are always open for foreign cooperation. If you are interested in our developments, write to us at 7@teflex.ru for communication.
2001 — Finland
Poultry processing in connection with salmonellosis. Organization production of Teflex concentrates of a finished product for mold control, hand processing. The medicinal properties of Teflex were discovered: in small concentrations, the agent was added to the drinker epidemic time. Salmonellosis won. Sporocidality was found to be absent in standard PHMG.
2001 — Argentina
An Argentinean company conducts research on the Teflex and confirms non-standard polymer, as well as its high purity of 99.5%.
2004 — Russia
Organization of the international system of service "Hunters for mold." Participating countries - Russia, Canada, USA, Ireland, Australia, South Korea, Ukraine.
Work on mold control, specialist advice, microbiological examination, development of technology, sale of drugs under the brand Teflex and finished product under the brand name MultiDez.
GSK conducts joint scientific work and creates a gel based on Teflex gel for treatment of the oral cavity and rinsing dentures. Polysan creates pilot production of Teflex concentrates under the brand name Polysan - disinfectants and antiseptics for hands. An imminent exposure of 28 seconds to the MRSA bacterium causing gas gangrene was detected.
2008 — 2014 South Korea
Works in South Korea - production of Teflex (finished product from concentrates Teflex). Widespread use in construction, disinfection of surfaces, including office equipment Together with Samsung, the processing of auto salons (Hyundai). Avian outbreak defeated flu.
2010 — Ukraine
Production of TeflexUA finished products from Teflex concentrates opened in Ukraine.
Nowadays — China
Currently, work is underway with China - 5 cities, including Shanghai. Collaboration with clinics and laboratories for testing Teflex against viruses.
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